Monday, 30 May 2016

Recruitment Experience: CV Tips

For the past two years I have been working in Recruitment for an Insurance Company, recruiting applicants for a fast paced call centre so I have seen countless CVs over the months.
Your CV can be the make or break when trying to stand out for your dream job so I have put together a few tips.

  • Keep it real and relevant - Make sure your CV shows experience for the job you are applying for. Ideally, unless you are looking for a career change, the first part of your CV should be talking about your most current experience. When your potential future employer picks up that CV they should be immediately seeing that you have the experience for their role. 
  • Be Precise and Clear  - Make sure your CV is not a story. Paragraph after paragraph is not eye catching and does not help you stand out. Use subheadings and bullet points to show your skills. The example below is  a part taken from my CV showing my most relevant experience. 

  • Cover Letters - When applying for a job role always send with a cover letter. The CV is a summary of your work, however a cover letter is where you can really showcase yourself. For example; You currently work as a PA and are looking for a new PA role. You see a job online which is perfect and they list the skills they are looking for. In your cover letter express briefly hat you have those skills with a short paragraph about your current daily duties. 
  • Life Stories  - Don't get me wrong, I could talk for England however on your CV do not tell your life story. Hobbies and interests should be a short part to give a little insight into you and your personality. Sell your skills on the CV; sell yourself at interview!                                                                                      

This may sound like a random example but I see a CV like a menu in a restaurant. The way something is described on a menu draws you in to order and try it. Therefore think of what the employer is looking for and make that apparent on your CV and cover letter in order for them to want to see you. 


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